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Big Red Sports NetworkJan 27, 2024 2:41am
Braelyn Stilwell - Burke's Best Ever?

Chase Coaching Decision vs Patton


Chase leading Patton 38-0 and completely dominating the game. Late in the 2nd qtr, less than 2 mins on the clock and Patton had the ball, deep in their own territory.

Patton runs 3 run plays, which are stopped short. Chase Coaching staff calls 3 timeouts to preserve time, force Patton to punt and then Chase scores again, going up 45-0 at the half.

Yeah, I get it. Football is a competitive sport, but last night was not a competitive game. This move by the Chase coaching staff was classless. What did they gain by rubbing Patton's kids faces in the dirt like that?

Everyone knows that Patton football is down. Everyone knows every game for them is a struggle. But those kids keep showing up and doing their best, despite the odds. No one expected Patton to beat Chase or even be competitive. But Chase, instead of being gracious in winning decided they should "prove" how great they are. I guess prove it to themselves because after losing to East and Draughn this year, they sure haven't proved it to anyone else.

Good job Chase coaches for reminding us what it means to have no class. Hopefully this is a lesson that doesn't stick with your players as they go forward in life.


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Chris ParlierJan 1, 2024 9:43pm

Well said Tom. Was thinking the same thing. No Class.

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