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TennisWaySep 15, 2023 7:13pm
Dragon Tennis NCSSM-Morganton
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Dragon Tennis NCSSM-Morganton


Nallagangu, Manya #1 player under Head Coach Wayne Giese

In a recent tennis match at Avery County High School, my teammates and I, representing the NCSSM Morganton Varsity Tennis Team, had the opportunity to showcase our remarkable character, tenacity, and sportsmanship. This experience only reinforced our unwavering commitment to achieving success on our journey towards winning conference and possibly states.

Our journey to the match was far from smooth, as we encountered unexpected delays due to ongoing road construction. This long trip, after a long day of classes and studying tested our patience and determination. We understood that these challenges were an integral part of our path towards greater achievements.

Once we stepped onto the court, we were able to lock in and drive ourselves to a win. Our hard-fought victory not only secured a significant win but also set a high standard for the upcoming conference matches. It's clear that we are on the right track.


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