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Big Red Sports NetworkJan 27, 2024 2:41am
Braelyn Stilwell - Burke's Best Ever?

Draughn/Uwharrie Charter Officiating - Thoughts?

Big Red Sports Network

Some controversial call in the 4th Round game tonight. Definitely changed the course of the game.

What's your thoughts? How did you see it? Let us know...


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TREGMay 20, 2023 9:13pm

As 20 plus year Highschool and college official, I have never witnessed a game marred with so many one sided calls. I never blame officials for someone losing a game because bad calls are part of the game but those 2 balk calls, the apparent inference call, and the foul ball call all going against Draughn takes the cake. These two officials were as bad as I have ever seen.

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