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Big Red Sports NetworkJan 27, 2024 2:41am
Braelyn Stilwell - Burke's Best Ever?

Freedom Football Coach Search

Big Red Sports Network

Lot of names are being tossed around in the local rumor mills. We have had some interesting insight on some of the names and also the process. We will not discuss any names, as this is shared in confidence, but we will say that there is the possibility that this process COULD play out to be a home run hire for Freedom football. Looks like it will be an interesting journey...


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Bob DuckworthFeb 6, 2024 12:38pm

The day has come to announce the next coach. Good luck to all of my Freedom family and friends with the new hire.. Patience will be the best option now.

Big Red Sports NetworkJan 20, 2024 4:28am

The delay in coming out with an official announcement certainly is stirring up some debate in other message boards. The comments are not being viewed very favorably by the powers that be.

Burke Hoops BlogJan 2, 2024 12:05am

Freedom absolutely must get it right this time. The fan base has been let down too many times over the last decade or so and they want someone who can come in and build the program. People who follow high school sports can see how well our alums are doing coaching at other schools and we all want someone who can bring us greater success.

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